Summer maintenance work improves student comfort, energy efficiency

Summer maintenance improves student comfort
Posted on 07/25/2019
Summer 2019 Capital ImprovementsWhile students have been out for the summer, maintenance crews have been working hard to upgrade facilities across the district. 

The improvements were budgeted for as part of promises the district made to the community during the passage of Prop R in 2015 and Prop A in 2016.

Here's a snapshot of some of the work completed around the Mehlville School District this summer: 

Bierbaum Elementary School
While several schools had roofing work completed this summer, none had as much as Bierbaum Elementary. The school had nearly its entire roof replaced.
Bierbaum Roof
"Lots of little leaks have sprung-up over the years," Principal Paul Morris said. "It's not uncommon to be called to a classroom for a light leak, but hopefully with the new roof, we won't have those new issues anymore."

Morris noted how quickly the massive project was completed given outside interference from the weather.

"We had a lot of rain this summer, so it's been impressive how fast they've been able to move through this project," he said. 

The roofing repairs at Bierbaum Elementary were funded through Prop A.

MOSAIC Elementary School
A large amount of upgrades were completed at MOSAIC Elementary School, where crews began working as soon as students left for summer.
The changes are evident from the outside of the building where all of the windows were replaced. 

"The old windows didn't really retain heat or cool air," Principal Scott Clark said. "In terms of climate-control in the building, it will definitely be more comfortable for our staff and students."

MOSAIC Interior Windows 
Once crews finished the windows, they turned their attention to updating the HVAC systems in the entire building. 

The maintenance completed this summer has been in the works for awhile.

"Even before MOSAIC was discussed to become an additional school in the district, St. John's was slated to get this work done through the 5-year capital plan," Clark said. "It's great to see that our students will continue to be able to use this facility, and the building will continue its history in the Mehlville School District."

The window and HVAC work were completed using both fixed and Prop R funding.

Wohlwend Elementary

Wohlwend Elementary School had an an outdated elevator upgraded over the summer.

"It was just past its useful lifetime, so it was time to upgrade it," Principal Dave Meschke explains. "We have some students who access the different levels with wheelchairs. We need to have something there so they can do all of the same things their friends and peers are doing." 

The elevator modernization at Wohlwend Elementary was paid for using Prop R funding. 

Oakville High School
Oakville Parking
Fixed funding was used to perform asphalt maintenance across the district including at Oakville High School.

"We have resurfaced and re-striped all of the parking lot-area which is hugely important as we update and take care of the sealing and some of the things that help those surfaces last," Principal Tamara Sunkett said. "It allows us to stripe and number so that, as we welcome back our staff and students, they have designated areas to park including our ADA-compliant places." 

In addition to the parking lot work, fixed and Prop R funding were used to update an existing elevator. Prop A funding was also used to replace roofing over the Commons Area.

Mehlville High School

A project that is still ongoing is the demolition and reconstruction of the Mehlville High School stadium bleachers.
"It's something that we needed," Principal Jason Landherr said. "The concrete was starting to get old and crack in a couple of places, so it was a safety issue. 

Landherr expects the construction of the new bleachers to be finished prior to the first home athletic events of the fall.

Crews also painted the ceilings of 8 classrooms and Gym A. The painting and bleacher replacement were all paid for using fixed funding. 

What's next?
"We continue to chip away at the most pressing facilities projects, but we still have far more facilities and maintenance needs than we can fund," said Dr. Chris Gaines, superintendent. 

In November 2020, the community has the opportunity to make a significant investment in facilities without increasing our tax rate. The district's Facilities Steering Committee is currently visiting each school campus to identify and prioritize projects in each building and throughout the district. The committee will help recommend what, if anything, to place on the ballot for the community to consider.  
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