Mehlville School District named top district for college dual enrollment courses

Mehlville School District named top district for college dual enrollment courses
Posted on 01/06/2022
STLCC Top Dual Enrollment DistrictMehlville School District was named a top 5 district for most St. Louis Community College students. Currently, 48 Mehlville High School and Oakville High School students are enrolled in dual enrollment courses. 

In addition to being recognized as a top dual enrollment district, Mehlville School District students saved an estimated $319,044 in future college tuition costs during the 2020-2021 school year by enrolling in dual enrollment courses through STLCC.

“Expanding access to dual enrollment, dual credit and advanced placement opportunities for our students to better prepare them for their future is an important component of our strategic plan,” said Dr. John Dewalle, director of college and career readiness. “Students are able to earn college-level credit and prepare for the rigors of a full-time college schedule at a more affordable rate for families.”

There are a total of 136 courses that MHS and OHS students are currently enrolled in at STLCC for dual enrollment credit, combining to earn more than 400 total college credit hours. Dual enrollment courses cost families $72.50 per credit hour. The normal rate they would pay per credit hour at STLCC is $122.

Students also have the opportunity to enroll in the Early College Academy for their junior and senior years of high school. 16 students in the Early College Academy were enrolled in 76 courses during the fall semester. This program allows students to graduate high school with both a diploma and an associate degree. The entire cost of the program is paid by the district.

Mehlville School District has a new program, Make it Count, beginning this spring. Make it Count allows second-semester high school seniors who have completed their high school graduation requirements to enroll in a full semester of college classes at STLCC instead of taking additional classes at their high school. Make it Count will have a limited number of spaces that are paid by the district.

Join us for our Student Choice Program Night
Mehlville School District is hosting a Student Choice Program Night for families wanting to learn more about our high school choice courses. The event is Thursday, Jan. 27, 2022, in the Nottelmann Auditorium (3200 Lemay Ferry Road) at 6:30 p.m. You can visit the student choice section of our website or click on the links below to learn more about our high school student choice programs.
- Early College Academy
- MyPath
- South Tech High School

Parents will also have the opportunity to learn about the new Mehlville High School Flex program and Oakville High School Personalized Learning Pod. These programs will provide students with more personalization and to master objectives in a more flexible instructional environment. Since each student learns differently, teachers will personalize instruction and create pathways to engage students in self-reflective, independent learning. Please contact your child’s counselor if you’d like more information about these programs.

The Mehlville School District strictly prohibits discrimination and harassment against employees, students or others on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, or sex including pregnancy, sexual orientation, and gender identity and other characteristics protected by law. The following individuals have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: contact Adam Smith at 314-467-5006 or [email protected].