Board approves 2022 blended tax rate

Board approves 2022 blended tax rate
Posted on 09/28/2022
Blended tax rateThe Mehlville Board of Education unanimously approved the 2022 blended tax rate of $3.6784 at its annual tax rate hearing on Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2022. This rate is similar to the prior year rate of $3.6598.

The blended rate is an average rate of the residential, commercial, agricultural and personal property tax rates. The rate includes $0.035 for Prop A, a temporary tax for roofing and HVAC projects through 2025. Additionally, the rate includes a 12-cent tax levy for Prop S general obligation bonds. Prop S is funding projects that improve safety and accessibility and deferred maintenance.

Specific tax rates are as follows:
- Residential tax rate: $3.2628
- Commercial tax rate: $3.7495
- Agricultural tax rate: $4.2500
- Personal property tax rate: $4.3461
These levies meet all state statutes and requirements for setting levies. The levies are determined per the standard calculation set by the Missouri State Auditor.

In 2021, Mehlville School District had the lowest blended tax rate of all 22 St. Louis County school districts.

About Prop A and Prop S
Voters approved Prop A in April 2016. Prop A has a 10-year sunset, and funds are being used to complete roofing and HVAC projects throughout the district. Prop A progress is being tracked on the district website.

Voters approved Prop S in April 2021. Prop S is a 12-cent tax levy for general obligation bonds and is offset by a 12-cent voluntary tax rate reduction (resulting in a net zero tax increase for Prop S). Prop S funds are being used to fund projects to improve student safety and accessibility and complete deferred maintenance without increasing the tax rate. Prop S progress is being tracked on the district website.
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