All Night Grad Party

Congratulations to all of the new Mehlville High and Oakville High Alumni!

Every year the Mehlville-Oakville Alumni Association attends the all night graduation (ANG) parties to welcome the seniors to their first Alumni party! Then we do a special drawing to award six seniors at each school with a $100 gift.

Special shoutout to our All Night Grad Party winners:

ANG 2023 - $100 cash award winners:

Mehlville High School:
Evan Dammrich
Gwen Deaver
Cade Harper
Makayla Martin
Kristiana Hasa
Gavin Phillips

Oakville High School:

Joey Daniels
Max Spalding
Luke Roth
Kolden Lam
Jason Buss
Courtney Kreyling

ANG 2022 - $100 cash award winners:

Oakville High School:
Ryanna Oettle
Jordan Hahn
Julie Lato
Olivia Klump
Emma Zwyer
Carly Huelsing

Mehlville High School:
Minel Husic
Jayden Hollingsworth
Zachary McKay
Isiah Sabourin
Aidyn Durham
Gabriel Sabhaz

ANG 2021
Covid-10 cancel

ANG 2020 - $100 cash award winners:
We are hoping this year has shown that you can do ANYTHING! Especially WIN $100 from an All Night Grad Party that did not happen!! We were not going to let this Class of 2020 down, so we had all of the 2020 seniors email or mail us their contact information for their first FREE year as a member of the Mehlville-Oakville Alumni Association and we did a FACEBOOK LIVE of the raffle drawing!! Congratulations to all of our WINNERS:

Mehlville High School:
Adam Cook  
Sarah Hutchinson
Andrew Hutson
Jasmine Miller
Rachel Ruggeri
Jacobi Shelton

Oakville High School:
David Dominguez
Ashley Durham
Allison Franks
Abby Jacobi
Aaron Macrander
Nathan Woodell  

2019 ANG
Congratulations to all of the new 2019 MHS and OHS Alumni! Special shout goes out to all 12 of our All Night Grad Party winners:

Oakville High School:
Jacob Klinckhardt
Elvin Sanders
Kiley Hurford
Brandon Eckstein
Rachel Kennedy
Haley Miller

Mehlville High School:
John Massad
Adna Karabas
Hannah Baker
Nicole Nemcovan
Shelby Jacquot
Taylor Holsappie 
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