Students chart their own course in MyPath

Students chart their own course in MyPath
Posted on 01/28/2020
MyPath student at Mehlville High SchoolHigh school students enrolled in the MyPath course are able to develop their own curriculum and pursue topics they’re passionate about.

“MyPath allows students to design what they want to learn about based on their strengths, passions, interests and what they want to do after they graduate high school,” Director of College and Career Readiness John Dewalle said.

The course was designed as a means for students who have exhausted course offerings in a particular subject area at Mehlville High School or Oakville High School. By developing their own courses, students are able to further their education in a way that's relevant to their own interests and goals.

“My freshman year, I took sewing fundamentals and sewing intermediate, then took the final stage of sewing my sophomore year,” Oakville High School junior Megan Blanchard said. “I wanted something else since I couldn’t retake it, and I discovered MyPath.” 

All MyPath students are tasked with seeking out mentors to help them in the development of their curriculum. 

“It’s great that it allows them to see adults working in the real world,” Mehlville High School MyPath facilitator Jennifer Sikich said. “It shows how important those little things -- like being on time and being a team player -- are. All of those things you learn in school, but to see adults interacting in the real world really helps.” 

Sikich has had some students realize through MyPath that they aren’t interested in their area of study as a career. For others, like former Mehlville High School student Edi Mahmutovic, it helped reaffirm their passion.

“I was excited that it could be my chance to understand and answer all of the questions that I had about engineering,” Mahmutovic, who now studies engineering at Washington University in St. Louis, said. “I learned a lot not just in terms of engineering, but in terms of being a professional.” 

Students track their own progress and share their work at a public presentation at the end of the school year. Mahmutovic and Blanchard believe that their work in MyPath has set them apart from their peers as they begin life after graduation. 

“You’ll run into things that are new, and it’s a really good time to fail at those new things, so you’ll be more prepared in the future,” Mahmutovic said.

“The earlier you know where you want to go, the easier it is,” Blanchard said. “All of my classes in high school now are geared toward the fashion industry. Having that freedom has made me more accountable for myself.” 

Students should speak to their counselor if they’re interested in enrolling in MyPath for the 2020-2021 school year.

Student Choice Program Night 

Parents and students can learn more about MyPath and our other choice programs at our Student Choice Program Night. The event will be held Thursday, Jan. 30, 2020, at 6:30 p.m. in Nottelmann Auditorium (3200 Lemay Ferry Rd).
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